Caracas, Venezuela 1970.

Inés Silva developed an inclination for arts, since her student days at the faculty of Architecture and Urbanism (FAU) of the Central University of Venezuela, after graduated with honor in 1992, she decided to focus on art, based on the study of geometry, proportion, and color to permanently explore new creative possibilities, in formal, material and technical aspects.

For several years, one of the constant factors in Inés Silva’s works has been the use of acrylic as support of her works, she paints on these material lines or stripes in vivid colors resulting in an unlimited number of views that allows it to be fully appreciated from any position.

As a result of her extensive research she earned the Critics Award in the first Art Biennale at the (FAU) of Central University of Venezuela (2002); the next year she participated with her work at the VI Salon Pirelli of Young Artists at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofia Imbert, Venezuela and she showcased her work in the Art Triennal “Spirit of geometric and Constructivism Art” at the Satoru Sato Art Museum, Tome, Japan (2010).

Her work has been shown in different countries such as Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Peru, Russia, Spain, USA and Venezuela.

Her artistic career includes participation in two art Salons, Salon Comparaisons Art en Capital at Grand Palais (2006-2020) and Salon Réalités Nouvelles (2014-2019) both in Paris, France, as well as participation in different international Art groups such as Madi group, Expansionism and Art Construit International, it is worth mentioning the exhibitions: “Nine Venezuelan Modern Masters” at The Museum of Geometric and Madi Art, Dallas, USA (2003) “Mouvement Madi International, Buenos Aires 1946-Paris 2008” at Maison de L'Amérique Latine, Paris, France (2008), “Expansionism” at the Museum Omar Carreño, La Asunción, Venezuela (2009) and “Universo Madi” at Odalys Gallery, Madrid, Spain (2019).

During her career, it is worth highlighting the Solo exhibitions such as: “Gravitación y Expansión” at Ateneo de Maracaibo, Venezuela (2005), “Euritmia” at Graphic Art Gallery, Caracas, Venezuela (2007), “De Rerum Natura” at The Museum of Contemporary Art Francisco Narváez, Isla de Margarita, Venezuela (2009), “Musik der Farben und Formen” at Museum Haus Ludwig, Saarlouis, Germany (2012), “Inés Silva” at Galerie Nery Mariño, París, Francia (2013) “Ars Modulor” at Ranivilu Art Gallery, Miami, USA (2016) , “Between the Lines” at Ranivilu Art Gallery, Miami, USA (2018) and  Jardinés Colgantes, Graphic Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela (2023).

Since December 2015 Inés Silva is represented by the renowned Galerie Denise René in Paris, where she has participated in some collective exhibitions and projects such as: “art construit latino-americaine nouvelles propositions” at the iconic space of Galerie Denise René rive gauche (2015), “transparence” (2017-2018) “Que de la sculpture” (2017-2018),  “Espace et Tension”   (2019-2020),  women & abstraction (2020), "small is beautiful,  dynamique du bleu"  and  retour à la ligne  (2021), show été, (2022) and  Mouvement, Tribute to Denise René" Bonisson Art Center (2022).

Supported by the Galerie Denise René, her work “Jardín Colgante negro” was selected for the exhibition “Negative Space” at the ZKM Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany (2019),  her work “Spectrum” was selected to the exhibition “For Now” at the Coral Gables Museum in Miami, USA (2019-2020).

Her work is best described by art critic Peran Erminy: “The conception of Inés Silva’s works, that is her “ars poetica” consists of designing in her work, a formal device as a group of signals, marks, lines, gaps, proportions, mobile sheets capable of organizing itself in a harmonic manner and make intelligible and sensitively emotional, the group of dynamic situations and perceptive tensions that integrate themselves or that take place in that visual event that constitutes the work and all that is displayed in accordance with or in tune with, the invisible tensions of the space around the work”.

Live and work in Miami.

Solo Exhibitions

2023 Jardinés Colgantes, Graphic Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. 

2022  Installation, Church of Montgerain - 30 years Festival Theme and Variations-. Picard, France. 

2018  Between the Lines, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

2016  Ars Modulor, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

2013  Inés Silva, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, Francia.

2012  Musik der Farben und Formen, Museum Haus Ludwig. Saarlouis, Germany

2009  De Rerum Natura, Museum of contemporary Art Francisco Narváez. Isla de Margarita, Venezuela. 

2007  Euritmia, Graphic Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela. 

2005  Gravitación y Expansión, Ateneo de Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Group Exhibitions


- Mujeres en el Arte, Graphic Art Gallery and San Pedro Art Center,  Caracas, Venezuela.


Petits formats et couleurs, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

 Arte con Propósito Geometría, Graphic Art Gallery and San Pedro Art Center,  Caracas, Venezuela.

 Architecte Artiste III, Abstract Project Art Gallery. Paris, France.

- Hier | demain,  Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

Source Code By JST in collaboration with Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

MADI UNIVERSE 77 - miniMADImax, Saxon Art Gallery, Budapest, Hungary.

Angle à angle, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.


 Mouvemet, Tribute to "Denise René"  Bonisson Art Center, Château Bonisson.  Aix-en-Provence, France.

Architecte Artiste II, Abstract Project Art Gallery. Paris, France.

- Group show été, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

Installation, Church of Montgerain - 30 years Festival Theme and Variations-. Picard, France. 

Group show,  Espace Marais haut, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

-  In memory of t Ivan CONTRERAS-BRUNET, (1927-2021) Galerie Wager, Paris, France

-  Concrete and Kinetic Art from the Suciu and Szöllősi-Nagy-Nemes Collections. Museum Ettlingen, Germany.


-Retour à la ligne, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

- Dynamique du bleu, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

Small is beautiful !  panorama construit, Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.


Luminokinetika  (Suciu and Szöllősi-Nagy -Nemes collections),  Budapest Gallery / Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Hungary.

- Women & Abstraction,  Galerie Denise René, online exhibition,  Paris, France.

- Convergences - ACI, Art Construit International, Espace Christiane Peugeot,  Paris, France.

- ACI, Art Construit International, Galleria Spazio Martucci. Naples, Italy.


- Espace et tension, Galerie Denise René espace marais. Paris, France.

- For Now, Contemporary Venezuelan Art of Miami diaspora, Coral Gables Museum. Miami, USA.

- Negative Space, ZKM Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe, Germany.

- Core, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

- A lírai Abstztrakttól a geometriáig, Cetrum és periferia. Budapest, Hungary.

- Universo Madi, Odalys Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

- International-Constructive-Konkrete, Mansfeld Péter Gallery. Budapest, Hungary.

- ACI, Art Construit International. Chåteau des Tourelles, France.

-Architecte-Artiste, Abstract Project Art Gallery. Paris, France


- ACI, Art Construit International, Kunsthaus. Rehau, Germany.


- Irreverent 2, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

- 40 Años de Geometría, Graphic Art Gallery -El Olivar Cultural Center. Lima, Peru.

- ACI, Art Construit International, Mario Monreal Cultural Center. Valencia, Spain.

- “Que de la esculture”, Galerie Denise René espace marais. Paris, France.


- ACI, Art Construit International, College of Architects of Granada, Spain.

- Transparence, Galerie Denise René espace marais. Paris, France.


- Art Construit Latino-Américain Nouvelles propositions, Galerie Denise René rive gauche. Paris, France.

- ACI group 5+5, Espace des arts abstraits, Abstract project. Paris, France.


- Sculptures-Grands et Jeunes, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, France.

- France-Japon/Co-existence et Co-prospérité interculturelles, Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree. París, France.

-The end of year Exhibition, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, France.

- Venezuela Arte Concreto, Imaginart Gallery. Barcelona, Spain.

- Ézsiás 70 +1, a Bánki Donát Galéria Universitas, Art Industriel Galériába. Budapest, Hungary.

- Color et transparence, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, France.


- ACI, Art Construit International, Jorge Hulian Gallery. Miami, USA.

- Ellas también lo ven diferente, Festival Mirada de Mujer, Imaginart. Barcelona, Spain.

- XX Festival ATempo – ACI, Art Construit International (Tribute to Omar Carreño),Humboldt Cultural Association. Caracas, Venezuela.

-Ricerche dell’ Astrattismo Internazionale  ACI, Centro cultural L’Approdo, Italy.


- Geometric Artists circle the Globe , Museum of Geometric and MADI Art. Dallas, USA.

- ACI, Art Construit International, Mostra d’oltremare. Naples, Italy.

- Geometría y Color–18 Geometric Artists, Lía Bermúdez Art Center. Maracaibo, Venezuela.

-The end of year Exhibition, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, France.


- L’Arte Mouvemento Intergeometrism, Galleria Universitas Budensis. Budapest, Hungary.

- Group ACI Art Construit International, Colegio de Arquitectos. Quito, Ecuador.

- Alter Geometría-Alter Ego, Blansini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.

- Treffpunkt Kunst KOSTBARKEITEN, Haus Ludwig Museum. Saarlouis, Germany.

- Petit Format, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, France.


- Dal Futurismo all’Arte Industriale, Academia de Hungría. Rome, Italy.

- Instincts Geometriques au Feminin, Galerie Nery Mariño. París, France.

- Permanent collection, Museum Magi 900. Bologna, Italy.

- Tome International Art Triennal, Spirit of Geometric and Constructive Art, Satoru Sato Art Museum. Tome, Japan.

- Formas Concretas I y II,  Art Nouveau Gallery. Maracaibo, Venezuela and Miami, USA.

- Group ACI Art Construit International, Espacio Chroma. Valencia, Venezuela.

- Group ACI Art Construit International, XVII Panamerican Biennal of architecture of Quito, Alliance Francaise. Quito, Ecuador.

- Group ACI Art Construit International, Art Nouveau Gallery. Miami, USA.


- Expansionism, Museum of Geometric and Madi Art. Dallas, USA.

- In forma Geometrica, Museo Cívico Maschio Angioino. Naples, Italy.

- 8 artistes–8 oeuvres. Cité des Géométries, Centre Culturel de l’Arsenal. Maubeuge, France.

- Arte Construtiva Internacional, JG arte visual. Fortaleza-Ceará, Brazil.

- Group ACI Art Construit International, Museum of contemporary Art Francisco Narváez. Isla de Margarita, Venezuela.

- Expansionism, Omar Carreño Center. La Asunción, Venezuela.


- Mouvement Madi International, Buenos Aires 1946–París 2008, Maison de l’Amérique Latine. Paris, France.

- Internazionale Madi a Verona, Galleria Spazio Arte Pisanello. Verona, Italy.

- Le teorie del Madi, Galleria Scoglio di Quarto di Milano. Milan, Italy.

- Expansionism, Durban-Segnini Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.

- New Amazones of the avant-garden, Seven madi women, Museum of Geometric and Madi art. Dallas, USA.

- 20 · jahriges jubilaum, Emilia Suciu Gallery. Ettlingen, Germany.

- ”Oltre La Geometria”, Galeria Al Blu di Prussia. Naples, Italy.

- Collection Art Inter Geometrica Industria, CSEPEL GELÉRIA Haus of fine arts. Budapest, Hungary.

- Reneszansz 2008–Budapest, Haus Ludwig Museum. Saarlouis, Germany.


- Nervo Vago an Anthology of Madi (1996-2006), Villa Savonarola. Naples, Italy.

- Arte en Expansión, Museum of Contemporary Art Francisco Narváez. Porlamar, Venezuela.

- Arte Intergeometria. Hungary


- Mouvement Madi International, ORION Centre d’art géometrique Madi. Paris, France.

-IV Artista Madi, Galería Espazio Arte. Naples, Italy. 

- 14 Artistas Madi,  Graphicart Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.

- Galería Artes Contemporáneas ArtSzem. Budapest,Hungary.

- Arte Madi Internazionale, Spazio Lattuada. Milan, Italy.

- “supreMADIsm” Tribute to the Masters of Russian Constructuvism, Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Moscow, Russia.

- International Gemetrique Art, Grand Hotel Hungria. Budapest, Hungary.

- Monochrome Madi, ORION Centre d’art géometrique Madi. Paris, France.


- A celebration of geometric art, Museum of Geometric and Madi Art. Dallas, USA.

- Arte Madi Venezuela, Eladio Alemán Sucre Art Center. Valencia, Venezuela.

- Tetractis Madi, VII Artistas Madi. Corp Group Cultural Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

- Cínetique-Geómétrice, Galerie Nery Mariño. Paris, France.

-  Madi Art, Optic and Geometric. Durban-Segnini Gallery. Miami, USA.


- Out of Frame, Madi Group, Durban-Segni Gallery. Miami, USA.

- Universo Esprit de Gèomètrie. Caserta, Italy.

- Omaggio all’arte geometrica Museo Bargellini, Museo d´arte delle Generazioni Italiane del 900. Bologna, Italy.


- X Festival ATempo, Corp Group Cultural Foundation. Caracas, Venezuela.

- Nine Venezuelan Modern Masters “Geometry and Movement”.Museum of Geometric and Madi Art. Dallas, USA.

- VI Salón Pirelli de jóvenes Artistas, Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas Sofía Imber. Caracas, Venezuela.


- I Art Biennal ,Faculty of Architecture and urbanism (FAU)Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Venezuela. (Critics Award).


2014-2019   Salón Réalités Nouvelles. París, Francia.

2006-2020 Salón Comparaisons, Art en Capital-Grand Palais, Geometric group. París, Francia.

2016- 2018  Carré Latin, Festival D'Art Contemporain Latino-Americain, Palais Royal. Paris, France.

Art Fairs

2021  Arco Madrid,  online edition,  Galerie Denise René. Paris, France.

2021  Art Wynwood , online Edition, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

2018-2019 Art Miami, Art Show, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

2016-2018 Art Lima, Graphic Art Gallery. Caracas-Lima, Peru.

2018 Texas contemporary Art Show, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Houston, USA.

2018-2019 Art Miami, Art Show, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

2016-2017 Pinta Art Show, Ranivilu Art Gallery. Miami, USA.

2016 Art New York, Ranivilu Art Gallery, Miami, USA.

2015 BARCU Art Fair, Imaginart Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.

2006-2010 Iberoamerican art fair FIA, Graphic Art Gallery. Caracas, Venezuela.

2007-2008-2013 Art Karlsruhe, Emilia Suciu Gallery. Karlsruhe, Germany.

2006-2007 International Art Fair of Bogota, ArtBo, Graphic Art Gallery. Bogota, Colombia.

Private Collections

- Museo d´arte delle Generazioni Italiane del 900. Bologna, Italy.

- Museum of Geometric and Madi Art. Dallas, USA.

- Mobile Madi Museum. Budapest, Hungary.

- Festival ATempo. Caracas, Venezuela.

- Satoru Sato Art Museum. Tome, Japan.

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